Geneva IL Photographer | Newborn Boy Mini Session

I’ve been so lucky to have some of the most adorable newborns come into my studio for portraits lately!  Nash did not disappoint! I’ve seen a lot lately about winter babies being very alert and awake, but this sweet little guy was as sleepy as they come at his newborn session at my Geneva, IL photography studio.

Nash was 6 days old at the time of his newborn photography session 🙂

Rainbow Baby Newborn Photographer | Geneva IL Photography Studio

“There is a rainbow at the end of every storm…”

Ellyana – You are SO loved.  I know that you are the perfect rainbow that your mom and dad needed… <3

Simplistic Newborn Sessions

As a new year is starting, I’m transitioning my photography style to be a bit more simplistic 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some props… and still will be using them with my sessions, but I’m really appreciating the more simplistic, baby-lead poses these days.  I feel like these are the shots that most parents want to frame and print, because they are timeless, and truly focus (pun intended) on baby.

What are your thoughts?  When it comes to newborns, do you prefer more props in your photos or simplistic shots?

Editing Jaundice Newborn Skin

Guys… words cannot express how excited I am about my new studio in downtown Geneva, IL.

My lovely assistant, Karla, just welcomed a niece into the world shortly before we took off for the Christmas holiday!  So naturally we had her in the studio for a few test shots, as well as my first informational blog on newborn photography for those of you who are here to learn!

Babies with jaundice can be a bit of a challenge to edit, because if you take too much coloring out of their photos, they tend to look blue, or unnaturally pale.  This little dumpling was Jaundice, and also of hispanic descent, which can often times have a bit of a warm undertone in shadows.

Most of the skin tone editing that I did with this particular image was done in Lightroom.  I use photoshop mainly for fine details like skin smoothing, filling in backgrounds, etc. The rest of the work I do is in Lightroom, but everything I do in there can be done in Photoshop, if you’re not a lightroom kinda person!  To tone down her jaundice coloring, I tweaked around the orange and yellow saturation tabs, as well as boosted the luminance on her warmer tones.  Sometimes with extreme warm undertones, tweaking your Primary colors under Camera Calibration can help – just be careful to be very slight with those types of adjustments, as it can change the entire look to a photo.

Here is a before and after of Jade’s skin tone edit:

SOOC (Straight of out of Camera – No editing):

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.36.42 PM

Final Edit:





We are moving to Geneva! | Geneva Newborn Photographer | Patricia Anderson Photography

Big news from our studio!
This January, we will be moving into an amazing studio/retail space in the Wright house located at 217 1/2 Third St. in Geneva, IL! I’m so stoked to be joining such an awesome downtown community!!  If you’re familiar with the downtown Geneva area, you’ll understand my excitement!   The studio is a perfect space for newborn and child photography sessions, and I can’t wait to get settled into the space and make it my own!   Stay tuned for information on our grand opening, as well as special events we’ll be holding throughout the year!!